Friday, April 1, 2011

March of Dimes Team Caris AnnaBelle Plug

We have more than TRIPLED our fundraising goal for Team Caris AnnaBelle and the March for Babies!!! The website is showing $1,777, which doesn't include the $120 that Lindsay Norton raised through her 31 Bags Open House, and whatever money Shanee Pigate raises at her Scentsy party tonight. Also, if you receive cash/check donations, please let me know so I can figure that into our final total.

I was also just informed by Shanee that Team Caris AnnaBelle is in SECOND place in fundraising out of ALL of the registered walking teams. SECOND PLACE!!!! :):)

To me, that is AMAZING! Every time I see the total go up on our fundraising it makes me literally cry because it means that someone was thinking of my baby girl. We are SO blessed to see so many people rallying together to help babies and families of sick babies.

I am grateful for all of you! Please make sure to sign up on the March of Dimes website if you plan on walking. If you can't walk but want to donate, please feel free!!! Link below:

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